MSU provides quality, convenient living on the campus in residence halls and apartments for students and for students with families.  Learn more about housing and residence life programs through Residence Education and Housing Services and about meal plans provided by Culinary Services.

While many MSU students begin by living in residence halls, nearly all students eventually live off campus.  For many students living off campus is the first opportunity to live independently, sign a lease, and participate as an adult in a community.

MSU has a Housing Listing Service to help the MSU community with their off-campus housing search.  This free service features searchable listings, a roommate finder, sublet posts, message boards, and informational resources.  This web-based service is a partnership between the Community Liaison and the Department of Student Life.

Additional resources related to off-campus living:

  • MSU’s Community Liaison is a primary resource for students living in the East Lansing community (about 12,000 a year)
  • The College Life: East Lansing website features information about housing, community events, services, and resources
  • The “Rental World MSU” video provides a humorous look into the rental search and off-campus living experience
  • The Department of Student Life sponsors the Housing Fair each October, which provides students a chance to meet with property representatives and educational providers to get information
  • The City of East Lansing also provides rental housing resources and helpful information on local ordinances.